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At 91% accuracy, our Caption Engine automatically transcribes your videos, allows for quick edits, then burns the captions onto your video saving you time. 

Start with  10 minutes  free when you create a free account! 

Videos with Captions engage your audience in a world on mute.

Friends recording video

Get back to life, and out of post production.

Not just a transcript. 

Why stop with just a transcript? We embed your captions directly onto your video automatically. 

Minutes away from done.

Quicc can transcribe and process captions on videos in just a few minutes so you can move on with your day!

11 Languages or Dialects

Create video and transcribe in your language or dialect.  

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Quicc runs cross-platform to keep up with creators on the go.


Owen Video, Video Marketing School

QuiCC has been a game changer for our video caption needs. No longer do we have to wait for captions, then import them. With QuiCC we're able to get all of that done in one sitting from one interface for less money!

Donna Moritz,

Socially Sorted

If you're not adding captions to your videos, you're losing your voice! Quicc is a game-changer for creating video captions. I can't believe how fast it is and it even nails my Aussie accent! 

Eric Didier, Urban Misfit Adventures

I finally found the best way to caption LinkedIn videos!