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How To Add Large Captions To Instagram Videos

Let’s be honest. If it works, it works… And large captions on Instagram videos work.

The square format videos with a title up top and large captions on the bottom are blowing up thanks to influencers like Gary Vee.

With that in mind, we asked our friend Owen Video to make this sweet, sweet video explaining how to add these large captions to your Instagram videos easily.

1. Create a 1080x1080 video

Alright, so here is the truth - the square videos are Instagram’s favorite. After you create your video, use a tool like Canva to put your video in a square frame. Specifically, Instagram suggests at 1080x1080px format.

2. Login to Quicc and upload your video

Once you login, or create your free account, uploading your video takes next to no time.

To upload your video, select your dialect then either drag and drop your video into the “drag video file here” square. If you hate drag and drop, that’s cool, just select the “choose video to upload” button at the bottom of the page.

After you upload the video, Quicc’s captioning engine starts transcribing your video automatically.

3. Double-check Quicc’s work

Everybody makes mistakes, even bots! Not too many, but still.

Once Quicc finishes transcribing your video, you are able to edit the transcription for spelling, grammar, and timing.

Reading through what you said isn’t too much fun, so we highlight the areas of the transcription we aren’t too sure about. We do this to hopefully cut down on your editing time.

4. Make your captions BIGGER

To start working on those large captions, start by clicking the two A’s in the teal circle button - this opens the style editor.

Here you can select from a few different presets, or you can customize the font, size, placement or colors of the text.

Since we want large captions, we are going to crank up the size of the font. You will have to play with this a bit to get it just right.

If you’re anything like us, and a little perfectionistic, to center your captions vertically, you will have to play with the padding of the text.

5. Share, share, share!

Once the video is just the way you want it, simply select “finalize video” and it will download right to your computer or phone.

All that’s left now is to put that baby up on Instagram, write a sweet caption, add some hashtags and SHARE!

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