How to Edit the Font of Your Video Captions

Standard video captions are NOT CUTE! They don’t match your branding, they’re so small and you get no say over them at all.

That’s just not the case with Quicc. We are here to give you the freedom you want over your open captions! You can quickly customize the font size, color, and background using our online platform.

1. Go to video management

Click the “videos” tab on the upper navigation. This will take you to your video library.

2. Select “Ready to Edit”

Your video library has all of the videos you’ve uploaded - there you can select a video to add custom captions to by selecting “ready to edit” next to the video information.

3. Edit automatic transcription

The first screen you see after hitting the “ready to edit” button will show your video on the left and your transcript on the right. Before customizing your video captions, you should make sure your transcription is correct.

4. Select font

To start customizing your open captions, you will need to toggle over to the text controls.

From the next screen, you will see a bar that is preset to “Arial.” When you click that bar, you will get a dropdown of over 60 different fonts to pick one.

5. Pick your font color

To change the color of your font, select the circle next to the font bar. It is usually preset to white. Upon selection, a hex code color picker will pop up for you to choose your font color or to input the hex code of the color. Once you’ve selected your color, select “okay.”

6. Choose caption alignment

Under the font bar, there are 6 icon boxes, each offers a different setting. The first three icons allow you to align the text either left, center or right.

7. Edit the size of the font your video captions

The third icon from the left has a number in it, usually 16, here you can choose how large you want your captions to be.

8. Bold or Italicize the text on your video

The last to icons allow you to either bold or italicize your text. Please note, there are some fonts you cannot bold or italicize, you will be able if you have selected one of these fonts as thee icons will have the letters “b” and “i” grayed out.

9. Choose caption background or outline

There are three caption background options - none, outline or full. An outline will simply put a line around each letter of the text and the background puts a full box around the text.

Should you choose an outline, a color picker and thickness guide will both appear for you to customize the outline further.

If you add a background you will get similar guides to show up. With the background color picker, you can also set your transparency by sliding the bar on the right-hand side.

10. Set caption placement

The last thing to do is set the placement of your captions! This can be done in one of two ways. You can either drag and drop the captions on the video view. If you are still on the text controls screen, under the text editor there is a box that says “vertical position,” you can input a number.

Now you have fully customized captions on your video! Just click the blue “burn-in captions” button and you can download a new video with your edited captions.

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