Feeling Some Gratitude for Our United Kingdom Community

What is it about live events that feel so special?

Two weeks ago, I boarded a plane headed to London Heathrow to sponsor Cambridge Social Media Day for QuiCC and attend Youpreneur Summit and #2020Sorted. Little did I know what impact would come from spending 11 days alongside UK entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

Flying into London was a dream. Seeing all the streets lined up neatly from my frosted plane window made me forgive the restless night of sleep. You may not know this, but we do not have subways in Kansas, so I was intimidated by the train system in London and had a tiny bit of trouble finding my first platform. However, the transit assistants helped me along with so much kindness and helped me to relax. Once I was on the train, I paid close attention to the signs (which are posted everywhere) and I successfully found my way to King's Cross Station where I was meeting QuiCC user, Tim Lewis.

We grabbed some lunch with a fellow traveler, Julie Humes, and then we were on to Cambridge Social Media Day. I was very excited to attend #CSMDay2019 for two reasons: 1. QuiCC user Matthew Hughes would be there and 2. we had a very special announcement to make to the world! We made it to Cambridge in a short amount of time and of course, it was picturesque. Cambridge is exactly what I thought England would look like. I was equally delighted to also connect with May King Tsang at the station and share a taxi to our hotel. Once, we got checked-in, it was time to meet-up with friends Matthew and Gundrun Lauret at The Baron of Beef pub.

Cambridge Social Media Day came highly recommended to us at QuiCC as the event to sponsor in the United Kingdom. It was a small event, but Lenka Koppova and her team put together a spectacular two days full of networking, teaching, and hospitality. There seemed to always be something to eat and drink with plenty of breaks to connect with other attendees. I had the pleasure to meet Ian Anderson Gray, Mel Bridges, and Sarah Clay in person!

The community was fantastic and that made our announcement to the United Kingdom even more special. When we announced the initial launch of QuiCC, we shared the release of our beta version to our users at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. Our beta community rocked that first few months giving us product feedback and spreading the word.

When we envisioned what the announcement of our iOS app would look like, we knew we had to share it on UK soil. The UK is our second-largest market and every single day we see new users joining us from across the Atlantic. They support us with critical feedback that makes QuiCC a stronger product. We were excited to share it on the event stage and our developers, Larry and Daniel and CTO, Jason Toevs, worked hard in the weeks leading up to Cambridge Social Media Day to make the announcement a success.

Lenka gave me the microphone for 5 minutes to announce to the world that we are just weeks away from releasing the beta version of our iOS app. We could not be more delighted to be giving priority access to our original beta group, paid users, and to all of our UK users who sign-up at www.quicc.io/app-beta. We are pleased that we can give this gift of gratitude back to our UK community.

Thank you, Cambridge Social Media Day, for the community and space to share this huge announcement from our little start-up in Wichita, Kansas. This event will always hold a special place in our hearts and we are thankful for the quality of content and speakers that shared the week with us.

To be continued...

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