How to Make Your Videos Searchable by Google

Updated: May 19, 2020

You know that we are all about captions here at QuiCC. We believe strongly in helping you, as the video content creator, to create stylized captions that allow you to be heard even when the volume is off.

But, can Google hear you?

In our web-based app, you can create captions that are burned right onto your video saving you time in the captioning process, but you can also download the .SRT file. The wha????

What is an .SRT file?

A SubRip Subtitle File, also known as its file extension name of .SRT, is a plain text file that contains the timecode and captions for your video. Typically, the video is transcribed by a service and an .SRT file is returned. The user then uploads their video and .SRT file to the intended platform, matches the timing, and then publishes the video.

What you may not realize is that by adding this file along with your video you are making it so it can be read by search engines. Thus, allowing your video to show up in the search results.

Just think of all the people who will find you talking about your *cat just because you did some rad keyword planning and added the .SRT to your video?

Sleeping Cat
It's a beautiful friendship and it should be shared.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices to help your video show up higher in the search results (hint: it's more than just uploading an .SRT file):

  1. Research keywords to mention throughout your video

  2. Create an eye catching title that includes your keywords

  3. Write an interesting video description that includes (you guessed it) your keywords

  4. Add captions (.SRT)

  5. Create a great thumbnail that applies to the content of your video

Don't just spam your title and description with all of your keywords. "I want to watch the video, "Fluffy Purr Cat", said absolutely no one ever. Be creative in your writing by incorporating these words, but keeping it interesting and eye-catching.

These tips should help you get started, but SEO (search engine optimization) is such a broad topic, and there are so many more ways you can improve the visibility of your videos. I encourage you to do your research and if you need help with uploading your .SRT file to your Facebook videos you can read all about that here.

If you are ready to caption your video content, check-out our free plan and get 5 minutes your first month!

*Unfortunately, cats can not be transcribed by Quicc at this time.

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