How We Saved Creators 100k Minutes of Post Production Nightmare

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

When I ran the numbers, I had to run them again. Then a third time. For those of you who know me, Jason, I am one of the data nerds behind QuiCC. I love the stories that numbers tell and we are fortunate to have a plethora of user stories just a few weeks into our QuiCC adventure! Since we believe everyone has a story, and those stories have value, I decided to share a metric we believe will become the key metric we track, (and get better at it) over the long haul of our platform. *As a caveat, we are only a few weeks in and still getting a full picture of our data. While these numbers are fairly accurate, it's somewhere between 📓 high school algebra and 📈 government reports. Definitely above 🤧 napkin math, and numbers I am confident enough to share! Here is the formula we found from asking creators how they used to add captions. First we had to set some parameters, because Science. The benchmark for our content creators (mostly marketers and social media influencers) was the time it took after creating a 1 minute video to having captions on the video ready to publish was about 45 minutes of their time. (not accounting for any wait times by using other providers)

1 minute of final content took 45 minutes to caption, without QuiCC, in a traditional post production workflow.

How long does QuiCC take for this same 1 minute? Our average user takes less than 5 minutes from upload to ready to publish. How? More science, in particular our behind the scenes automatic transcription technology as well as our Caption Engine. With most of our users producing short form content, we wanted to see how much time we were actually saving them.

Using QuiCC our average user can caption the same 1 min of final content in less than 5 minutes. Conservatively we believe we can save 30 minutes from a traditional post production workflow.

That's a time savings of 66%! Or if you are paying an editor ($45/hr * 0.66) = You save $29.7 per 1 minute video! When I realized this, the impact of what we are doing became so much more clear and tangible. Not only are we building a tool that allows content creators to share their message when there is no sound, or to the 446 Million people worldwide who are hard of hearing, but we are bringing real value to their creative process today. This week I got to share these numbers with the team, and collectively it means QuiCC users have saved 100,000+ minutes of time in just these short few weeks we have been around! To put that in perspective it's: - ✈️over 100 flights worth from the US to Australia. - ✈️over 230 flights worth from the US to UK. - 🚗over 2,100 trips of me driving into work. We have a funny feeling this is just the beginning and would love to have you along the journey with us! Save yourself some time from the post production nightmare, and spend some more time doing what you do best - creating! Let's see if we can save creators 1 Billion minutes of time. - 🔥

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