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Videos on iOS devices

Required version: iOS 13+ With Apple's new release of iOS 13 they now support video downloads directly from Safari. Yay! Here is a quick (heh) video walkthrough of how to download your Quicc video from the Video Management page in our web version.

Older versions of iOS: Don't worry! If you have an older version of iOS we have a workaround for the inability to download from any browser.

  • Download a file management app - Documents by Reddle from the app store

  • Long tap the download button in Video Management and copy the link address

  • Open Documents by Reddle and select their browser tab

  • Paste link that we copied earlierDocuments will download the file to your device in their file management system

**While this workaround exists, we recommend all users who want to use the web version of Quicc to update to iOS 13 and use Apple's native file storage system.

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