Quicc Update v1.2.0

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

🎉 Celebrate Quicc graduating from Beta! 🎉 ​ Jason here with a dev update! ​ After many many sprints of hard work I am so proud of our entire team, especially our talented developers who have eaten a cheesecake or two on the way to make this version of Quicc a reality! This is just the beginning for us and we can't thank you enough for all the amazing feedback you have given to us as Beta users. You all deserve a 🥇 (not just because we are a bunch of Millennials.) and I know we have some sweet deals for you as our thank you. ​

🌟 What's New in Quicc v1.2 - May 20th, 2019

Verify your EmailWhen you log in (even if you had a Beta Account) you will be prompted to verify your email!  New - Languages! 🗺️ We now support: English (US, UK, AU) | Spanish (NA, ES) | Italian | German | French (Canada, France) | Korean | Portuguese (Brazil). You can choose which language you want us to transcribe in when you upload your video. **This is not translating just transcription.  Special Beta Lifetime Pricing! 💸 As a special thank you, we have a limited time window for any of our Beta users or their friends (have them sign up within the window of time). New - Re-Edit Video ↩️ Now after you have finalized a video you can re-edit up to 3 times without using more minutes. This is especially useful if you missed a word in the edit, or want to change the formatting after you saved the video already. New - Delete Videos. 🗑️ For those of us with OCD, or just need to remove a completed video from the Video Management page, we can do that! New - Time Editor!Sometimes it's just nice to tweak the timing of our captions, now you can do that with our new timeline editor! - Can set the start and end of each caption "chunk" in view. - See how long each caption chunk will be visible (Duration). - Drag start and stop times to adjust each chunk. New - Quicc Website! Fancy. Much Pretty. 🐕 General Fixes and Updates: Squashing 🐞🐞🐞 reported by users. - SRT File naming convention error. Now: (filename-language-code.srt) Thanks Caitlin J. 🥇

🔮 What's Coming Next...

Sooner: Integrations with Dropbox, Team accounts Later: Native Applications for iOS & Android, Analytics Dashboard

Facebook: Link Instagram: @quiccvideo Twitter: @quiccvideo LinkedIn: Link

That's all for now! Cheers, Jason


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