QuiCC Update v1.5.01

Updated: May 19, 2020

Wow, time has flown. June/July/Aug has literally evaporated, probably because we are having so much fun and growing so fast! I am glad to have a moment to update you on what's new with QuiCC from a Product & Development perspective. ​ First some milestones I am excited to share with everyone! 

🎊 We have saved creators over 235,000 minutes of post production pain!

🌏 Quicc is being used in 63 different countries around the world in 11 languages!

👶 Shiloh (my daughter) and I tested our first TikTok dad joke video, baby babble

transcription still needs work, but I am marking it up as a raving success!

​ With that I am excited to share some major updates we have been working through after listening to how all of you amazing creators use QuiCC today and how we can make it better for tomorrow! ​

🌟 What's New in QuiCC v1.5.01 - Sept 23, 2019

New Buy One Time Minutes - You asked and we listened! Subscriptions aren't right for everyone, but many of our users rely on a consistent charge for services as they scale their needs. This led to us re-thinking our pricing system to allow for both use cases to exist with as little friction to each user. Here's where we landed! ​ - Every new account starts Free with 5 minutes to test & create your first few videos! ​ - You can now buy One Time Minutes on any plan! Rates for these get cheaper with a subscription. ​ - Subscriptions give monthly minutes automatically & reduce the cost of any One Time Minutes you might need above and beyond your subscription (savings as high as 50%) - One Time Minutes are charged to your saved card on file, and delivered immediately so you aren't slowed down in the creating process!  New View review payment method on file - If you ever need to review your payment method on file, we added an updated card under "Account" so you can review and change payment method if needed. ​

​🐞 Fixed Upgrade Bug - Some users who were upgrading their account weren't able to complete the transaction, that's fixed!  🐞 General cleanup and fixes on desktop and mobile.

🔮 What's Coming Next...

I am excited to share that in the near future you will be able to use QuiCC faster than ever before on mobile devices! That's all I can say for now... #suspense ​ The rest of the year is going to be moving fast, and I will keep you updated as we push out our major updates to: Chunk Editing, Mobile apps, Live Saves 

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That's all for now! Cheers, Jason


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